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SATAREI Education - 5/14/11

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Another SA TAREI Weekly Event!

TAREI is pleased to announce another Saturday morning continuing education classes available and provided by our Preferred Vendor Education Partners (PVEP).

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

 8:00AM  thru 12 Noon


Saturday, May 14, 2011


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TAREI is pleased to announce weekly continuing education classes available in the San Antonio area provided by our Preferred Vendor Education Partners (PVEP).

Homebuyers and sellers will benefit from this education program continually increasing the knowledge base of the Inspectors while helping our PVEP business owners and their technicians understand what is required of Real Estate Inspectors.  In addition, Inspectors and technicians will better understand terminologies specific to each industry. 

As a Real Estate Inspector, knowing that you can rely on a contractor or technician who understands your Inspection Report findings, and knowing that the comments made by the persons performing repairs are on a professional level that builds a trust level and ‘bond’ with the Inspector, provides peace of mind for the Inspector and, more importantly, for the Inspector’s clients. 

This course will cover all aspects of HVAC systems including how to inspect by the Standards of Practice.

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