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SATAREI Education - 7/23/11

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SA TAREI Weekly Seminar

Mr. Appliance

10427 Gulfdale St
San Antonio, TX 78216



8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

4 hours of TREC approved credit

Inspecting Appliances: Course Outline 

 I.                    Introduction

    A.     Course Objective

              1.      to acquaint the inspector with TREC’s requirements regarding appliance   inspections.

              2.      to improve the caliber of report writing in regards to appliances in accordance with TREC’s Standards of Practice. 

    B.     Definition of components    

             1.      TREC preamble

             2.      Client information

             3.      Report information

             4.      Systems sections


                        Ovens and Cooktops


                        Food Waste Disposers

    C.  Q & A

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