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Report Writing with Whisper Computer Solutions November 16, 2013 San Antonio

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Standard Features

taught by Larry White (6 hours of TREC approved credit)

Date:  Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time:  11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (6 hours TREC approved credit)

Location:  Chester's Hamburger Company

1006 NE Loop 410

San Antonio, Texas 78209

Please Note:  The restaurant has requested that each attendee purchase lunch in order to this seminar to be held at this location.  You can view a menu and their pricing HERE.  Also, if you choose to bring your laptop, please be sure to charge your battery ahead of time as they are limited on electrical outlets.

The class will take the inspector through WhisperReporter basics.  It will teach the inspector how to create a professional looking inspection report while showing him/her how to save time doing so.  The following topic areas will be covered in the class:

  • Installation
    • Website Download
    • Update History
    • Support
    • Tutorials
  • Setup
    • Company
    • Inspector (Multiple)
    • Licensing
      • Limited
      • Unlimited
    • Inspection Support Network (ISN)
    • Webcam
  • Help
    • Users Guide
    • Check for Updates
    • Error Reporting
    • Upload to Support
      • User Files
      • Log Files
  • Main Screen Layout
    • Main Toolbar
    • General Report Information
    • Report / Work View Panel
      • Pop-up Menu (Font Size)
    • Edit Window
    • Toolbar
      • Zoom Control
    • Rapid Remarks
      • Resizable
      • Pop-up Menu (Font Size)
    • Image Panel
    • Hint Panel
  • General Report Information
    • Inspection Details
    • Fees / Payments
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Title Company
    • Other
  • Main Toolbar
    • Browse Reports
    • New Report
    • Save Changes
    • Data Manager
    • Print Report
    • Inspector Select
    • Report Number
    • Modify Report Number
    • Client Name / Property Address

  • Reports & Templates Viewed as Books
    • Chapters
    • Topics
    • Sub-Topics

  • Browse Reports
    • Indexed Columns
    • Filters
    • Lock
    • Delete

  • Create (New) Report
    • Choose Template
    • Lookup
    • Retain Client / Property Data
    • ISN Lookup
      • Use ISN Report Numbering
    • Report Number / Name
      • Dynamic
      • Static/Manual
      • Report Numbering Preferences

  • Inspection Details
    • Inspection Date / Time
    • Client Information
    • Property Information
    • Map It

  • Inspection Fees / Payments
    • Fees / Discounts
    • Per Unit Fees
    • Payments

Ø Main Toolbar

o Browse Reports

o New Report

o Save Changes

o Data Manager

o Print Report

o Inspector Select

o Report Number

o Modify Report Number

o Client Name / Property Address

Ø Reports & Templates Viewed as Books

o Chapters

o Topics

o Sub-Topics

Ø Browse Reports

o Indexed Columns

o Filters

o Lock

o Delete

Ø Create (New) Report

o Choose Template

o Lookup

o Retain Client / Property Data

o ISN Lookup

§ Use ISN Report Numbering

o Report Number / Name

§ Dynamic

§ Static/Manual

§ Report Numbering Preferences

Ø Inspection Details

o Inspection Date / Time

o Client Information

o Property Information

o Map It

Ø Inspection Fees / Payments

o Fees / Discounts

o Per Unit Fees

o Payments

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Even if you don't use Whisper software this will be an incredibly educational report writing course!


TAREI/SA-TAREI Member: $35.00 (Be sure to login as a member to get the discount)

Non-TAREI/SA-TAREI Member: $50.00

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