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SA-TAREI Education

Over the years, Inspectors have come to pay the price when the various building tradesmen go out to a house to perform repairs on systems such as the electrical system, roof coverings and related systems, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, etc.  The technician arrives at the house and soon begins to ‘badmouth’ the Inspector by telling the seller, the agent, or worse yet, the buyer, that “the Inspector doesn’t know what he is talking about” or that “the Inspector should have told you this or that” or the Inspector ‘missed’ this defect or that defect.  As most of us have experienced… we were ‘thrown under the bus’.

TAREI is pleased to announce weekly Saturday morning continuing education classes available in the San Antonio area provided by our Preferred Vendor Education Partners (PVEP).

While everyone from Texas Inspectors to Homebuyers to real estate agents will benefit, members of the San Antonio Chapter of TAREI and our Preferred Vendor Education Partners will immediately begin to see the value of this program.

Homebuyers and sellers will benefit from this education program continually increasing the knowledge base of the Inspectors while helping our PVEP business owners and their technicians understand what is required of Real Estate Inspectors.  In addition, Inspectors and technicians will better understand terminologies specific to each industry.

As a Real Estate Inspector, it can be important that the contractor or technician understands your inspection report findings. Also, knowing that the comments made by the persons performing repairs are on a professional level that builds trust and a ‘bond’ with the Inspector. This provides peace of mind for the Inspector and, more importantly, the Inspector’s clients.

TAREI and several San Antonio area companies have formed a relationship to provide quality education for San Antonio area Inspectors who desire to increase their knowledge base.  In addition, this program will provide visibility for those companies who work hard to form a secure relationship with Inspectors and our homebuying clients.

This Saturday’s Education Class

Saturday, January 22nd

8:00AM  thru 12 Noon

Course Outline

4 Hours of Continuing Education

1.   TREC Standards of Practice  (understanding what is expected of Home Inspectors)

2.   Current Codes  (knowing what Codes to apply in a given geographic area)

3.   Significant Code Changes  (knowing what Codes are a rapid departure, historically)

4.   Municipal Code Amendments  (what are the relevant Muni. Code Amendments)

5.   Commonly mis-applied Codes  (what do Inspectors incorrectly identify as defects)

6.   Improper Installations  (what are some of the most common improper uses/installations)

7.   Product Recalls  (provide a list of some of the more significant product ‘recalls’

8.   Common Failures  (knowing what components have a higher failure rate)

9.   Verbiage & Report Writing  (commonly mis-stated and mis-applied report comments)

10. Minimum Standards versus client protection and liability issues

Come to Hill Electric this Saturday January 22, at 8:00AM

9999 Perrin Beitel Rd.

San Antonio, Texas

(across from the U.S. Post Offfice)

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